We urgently need your help!

Unfortunately, the new year didn’t start very well for Deen City Farm & Riding School as just after Christmas we had a major fault with our electrical supply system. We have tracked the fault down to one of the high-capacity electrical cables that supplies electricity to the farm.  

The good news is we have managed to make temporary repairs, so we are now open again, but we have to replace the faulty cable. This will include running a new high-capacity cable from the UK Power demarcation point to the farm office which includes digging a long trench and routing the cable across the bridge. These are very significant repairs to make, and we are sadly looking at a potential bill of several tens of thousand pounds.  

Winter is an expensive time for us especially as our big animals, the cows, sheep and goats have to spend more time inside and we have to give them a lot more expensive feed, so this is not the best time to have another large bill to pay.  

To help us keep going and to ensure we get all our services back up and running we need your help. Please come and visit us, we are open but can’t run a full service in our café and we are having to use temporary toilets.  

We appreciate this isn’t an easy time of the year for anyone. Whatever you can do to help us is very much appreciated. The fantastic team at Deen City Farm has already worked very hard to get us open and their determination to keep the farm running in the face of one of the most serious issues to affect the farm is fantastic. However without your help we will be struggling, so if you can please help us by making a donation by visiting our just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/dcfarm. 

Many thanks for your time and help it is much appreciated.  

Matt Linden  

Chair of Deen City Farm & Riding School

Charity Number: 1008028