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A state of the art riding simulator...

We are excited to now be able to offer training on our full size riding simulator. Lessons on our state of the art Racewood Dressage Simulator are suitable for all types of rider, from complete beginner to Olympic athlete there is something for everyone (yes it really is that good). See video here.

If you want to get used to the feeling of riding before riding a real horse, practice your aid to canter, check out your position and straightness or simply learn to rise to the trot then RoboHorse can help.  Capable of performing all the movements up to Grand Prix, RoboHorse is also rather good at recreating the errors that you might do on a real horse in an environment where it is easy to fix.  A lesson on RoboHorse is all about you so when you get on the real thing you should be better at it and have a greater understanding of how your position can effect the horse beneath you. 

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General RoboHorse Information

All 30 min simulator lessons are £39 and can be booked online.

Types of lesson:

  • First time riders, your initial assessment lesson will be on our the simulator this is so we can get an idea of your level before testing out your skills on a real horse. 
  • Beginners lessons, perfecting the rising trot, RoboHorse can trot for the whole lesson if you like, without a need for a rest or falling into walk unexpectedly. 
  • Learning to canter, practising the sitting trot and canter aid.  Experiencing the feel of canter before trying it on a real horse. 
  • Position analysis and correction.  Suitable for all level riders, this horse can feel rein, seat and leg pressure and evenness in a way that only your horse can, you will get a visual chart to show you this and tips on how to improve with real time feedback and a print out. 
  • General assessment for new but experienced riders.
  • If you want to also ride a real horse on your first day then you can also book a 60 min session which will consist of half on Robohorse and half on a real horse.  If you are booking this then please make sure you are under our 11 stone weight limit.  Robo horse can carry up to 15 stone but the our horses cannot. 

​The fully interactive Dressage Simulator offers a revolutionary way to focus on skills and balance by viewing immediate visual feedback on seat position and riding movements. It is used worldwide by professionals and amateur riders as an essential aid to training and has knowledge of the work required up to Grand Prix.

All Training will take place in our simulators own room, with mirrors so you can check on your own position and progress. All lessons will be socially distance whilst government rules are in place.

This horse always listens to your aids, he is very safe but still forward going and obedient at all times.

Our simulator also comes with an upgraded program suitable for riders with disabilities.

You will always have a good ride on Robohorse!

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