Our Team

The people who help keep us going...

The farm employs a small team of staff to run day to day operations, supported by a host of amazing volunteers, including our Trustees who oversee governance and our strategic direction. Our current team:

The Operations Team:

General Manager: 
Emma King

Finance Manager:
Anne Hoareau

The Livestock Team:

Land & Livestock Manager:
Maria Day
Livestock Supervisor:
Lauren Wright
Part-time Livestock Assistants:
Toby Lynch

The Riding School Team:

Riding School Manager/Chief Instructor: 
Joanna Henbrey – Stage 5 performance rider; Stage 5 Performance Center Manager; Stage 4 – Senior Eventing Coach; British Dressage List 4 Judge.
*Riding School License Deen City Farm, Joanna Henbrey,  LN/0000017111 )
Riding School Groom/Instructor:
Jennifer Knight – Stage 2 in complete horsemanship Stage 3 care.

Riding School Groom/Trainee Instructor:
Anna Harper BHS Stage 2 care
Riding School Groom/Trainee Instructor:
Lucy Morell

Riding School Groom/Trainee Instructor:
Oliver Childerly

The Visitor Services Team:

Visitor Experience & Events Manager:
Starting Jan 2022

Education Officer:
Eleni Veltanioti

Visitor Services Assistants:
Ben Stanford

Richard Hogan

*(For information about any possible staff vacancies, please have a look here or keep an eye on our Facebook page, and for information about volunteering and how you can help out at the farm, check out our volunteer page).

Our Trustees

As a charity we are run and governed by a committee of Trustees. They are ultimately responsible for the running of the farm as well as its governance and finances. As well as having these governance responsibilities, Trustees bring a wide variety of skills to the committee. As we are also a company (limited by guarantee) they act as the company directors of Deen City Farm Limited. 

Current Trustees (20/21):

Henry Nelless (Chair), Jim Edwards (Treasurer), Will Pringle (Vice Chair), Andy Wood (Secretary), Lisabeth Liell, Philip Henson, Sarah Benson, Angela Ryan, Peter Griffin, Blanca Pena-Mendez, Claire Hoyle, Kelly Turner, Gladys Cheung

Becoming a trustee

We are currently recruiting new voluntary trustees to support the long term development of the Farm, and we are particularly interested in hearing from applicants with experience in events management, fundraising and education. 

Our ideal trustees are strong communicators, well organised and committed, with a good knowledge of the local area and a genuine interest in the work of city farms and riding schools. 

The Farm’s committee meet regularly, as well as supporting events and fundraising activities. Successful candidates will be required to undergo a DBS check.

If you are interested in applying, please send a recent CV to Henry Nelless at chair@deencityfarm.co.uk.

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