The Sheep

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The Sheep

We have a small flock of largely Poll Dorset sheep at Deen City Farm. The sheep can often be found split between two of the larger pens on the yard, or our in the fields. Our ewes live together and outside of breeding time, Herman our Poll Dorset Ram, can often be found living with the female goats. They produce lambs each year, usually around March, just in time for the Easter holidays!

All of our sheep have names, but sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart at a glance, so you might see that some of the adults have letters sprayed onto their sides. They’re all very friendly, and can often be lured over by the promise of some tasty grass nuts. Faith and Gordon are two of our friendliest sheep, they were hand raised and enjoy being fussed, so sometimes you might see them having a walk around the farm on halters!

When you stroke the sheep you might find their wool feels surprisingly oily, this is due to something called lanolin. It’s a natural substance that the sheep produce and it helps to keep their wool waterproof – it’ll also make for nice soft hands! Our sheep are sheered annually, usually around May, once it’s warm enough for them to do without their fleecy coats and they’ve got enough time to grow it all back before winter.

Poll Dorset Ewe in winter

Poll Dorset Lambs

Poll Dorset Ewe







Poll Dorset SheepPOLLED DORSET

All bar one of our sheep are Poll Dorsets, they are a compact, medium sized sheep with characteristic clean white faces, pink noses and wool covering much of their heads. The Poll Dorset is a popular sheep found around the world, favoured for its meat and ability to lamb all year round.

The word “Polled” means naturally hornless, which is very useful for us at the farm! The Poll Dorset is descended from the Dorset Horn, an old English breed from the South West of England. Whilst the Dorset Horn is certainly a very majestic looking breed with their curly horns, there are many reasons why you’d rather have a hornless breed – horns can get caught in fences and can be dangerous, so we’ve opted for Polled sheep. Both the male and female lack horns, so Herman, our intact ram, is also hornless.

As well as the pure Poll Dorset we do occasionally have other sheep. At certain times of year we may have livestock or farm reared lamb for sale, and our Poll Dorset Ram may be available for breeding. For more details, please enquire.

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