The Sheep

We have four pedigree Shetland sheep living on the farm, they are called Margot, Evie, Bridget and Butterfly.

Shetland sheep originate from the Shetland Island of Scotland in 1927 and still to this day the Shetland sheep breed standard hasn’t changed. They are an incredibly hardy breed of sheep capable of living outside for twelve months of the year.

Shetland sheep have the finest wool of all the native sheep breeds, it is well crimped and very soft. There are eleven main whole colours of fleece and thirty recognised markings that all have old Norse names.

Shetland sheep make excellent conservation grazers as their fine bone-build and small feet do less damage to grasslands and meadow plants. They are browsers as well as grazers so will eat a variety of grass and plants.

Shetland ewes are very attentive mothers and are able to lamb outside with little need for intervention.

The Shetland sheep breed is recognised by the Rare Breed Survival Trust as one of the oldest native breeds of sheep

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