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The Guinea Pigs

Alongside the rabbits, the guinea pigs share the spotlight in our small pets pen, and can often be found out with the volunteers for handling and meeting visitors! All our guinea pigs are girls, and as a social animal, they all live together, we currently have six guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are very sociable animals; meaning they enjoy the company of each other, so shouldn't be kept alone. Ours have the occasional bicker with each other (as all social groups do!) but generally all get on very well.

The name "Guinea Pig" is a bit of a funny one. These animals aren't in any way related to the Pig, neither are they from Guinea. It might be that the Pig part is something to do with their chatty noises, which might be similar to a pig, or perhaps their shape with bulky bodies and short legs. Guinea might perhaps be to do with the fact that they're a fairly exotic animal, or perhaps a mix up of the word "Guiana" which is a region in South America. Even then though, the area that's recognised as The Guianas isn't actually where Guinea Pigs come from anyway - they're from the Andes, so who knows! It's a bit of a mystery!


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If you're going on holiday, we can board your rabbit, guinea pig or other small pets (such as hamster, rats and gerbils in their own cages). For more information and details on how to book with us please check our Animal Boarding page.

Thinking about getting a Guinea Pig?

Guinea Pigs sadly often suffer from the same issues as rabbits, where owners become bored of their pets and want to re-home them. We are not a re-homing service, but are happy to offer advice for any owners having trouble, and remember, dumping an animal is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. We urge anyone who's looking at getting a pet such as a rabbit or guinea pig to do their research thoroughly beforehand! These animals can live for up to 8 years, so it's not a decision to make lightly.

Guinea Pigs can make wonderful pets, but it's important to remember that it's a long process and might not necessarily happen overnight. We put in a lot of time and effort to ensure all our animals are happy and friendly, the small pets being no exception.

If you are interested in getting a Guinea Pig as a pet, please look into re-homing from an animal rescue centre. Not only will they often help with the brunt of the socialising and ensuring the animals are in good health, they will also be able to offer advice and help with getting started. There are plenty of animal rescues around that would be only too happy to help match you with the ideal pet!

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