Anyone walking to the Farm from Morden Hall Park may have seen our cows, Poppy, Daisy and Phoenix, enjoying the new field that we built over the summer with the help of Goldman Sachs and their Community Teamworks programme, which provided funds and volunteers without which we couldn’t have got the clearing and fencing done, and thanks also to the National Trust for letting us use the land. 

The cows are having a ball exploring and chomping their way around, and access to a new, dry area means we can rest our fields and give the grass a chance to recover.  We hope walkers and commuters along the Wandle Trail will enjoy seeing them mooch about.

Visitors can still see the cows by walking along the path from the Farm entrance gate that runs alongside the Wandle towards Morden Hall Park. The new field is at the end of the Farm, before the Tramline. 




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