About Trio

Height: 15.3HH

 Breed: Irish Cob

 Colour: Tri-coloured

 Gender: Mare

Trio is suitable for all level riders whether you area complete beginner learning to ride or a more advanced rider as she can do lovely dressage test and jump a 3’3 show jumping course.

Trio is so called because she is tri-coloured. She has a skewbald coat, meaning white patches on a bay base colour (reddish brown with black mane and tail).

As with many cob type horses and ponies, Trio has a solid build, rock steady attitude and makes for a comfortable ride no matter what!

About the Cob

You’ll often see horses and ponies referred too as Cob-types, especially in the UK, and sometimes in America. A Cob is traditionally a horse or pony of a stout build, with strong bones, large joints and a steady disposition. There are quite a number of Cob breeds, but they’ll all generally feature the same build – relatively small and compact, with somewhat short legs.

Cob-type breeds are very popular, especially for activities like Riding for the Disabled, they are generally responsive, but with a calm temperament, shorter stature and steady, comfortable gaits. They come in a variety of colours, Trio is a skewbald, or tri-coloured horse (hence the name!)

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