Tarron 064

About Tarron

Height: 14.2 hh

Breed: Cob

Colour: Black

Gender: Gelding

Tarron came to Deen City Farm after being taken in and rehabilitated by the Blue Cross, he is one of our most versatile horses as he enjoys doing pony rides, dressage lessons and can jump a 3’3" course.

He has seen great success in the field of dressage in either winning or being part of the winning team in the Team London Riding School Championships since it started in 2011.

Although Tarron is only 14.2hh he is very strong and can easily carry adult riders.


About the Cob

You’ll often see horses and ponies referred too as Cob-types, especially in the UK, and sometimes in America. A Cob is traditionally a horse or pony of a stout build, with strong bones, large joints and a steady disposition. There are quite a number of Cob breeds, but they’ll all generally feature the same build – relatively small and compact, with somewhat short legs.

Cob-type breeds are very popular, especially for activities like Riding for the Disabled, they are generally responsive, but with a calm temperament, shorter stature and steady, comfortable gaits. They come in a variety of colours, Tarron is black - he has a dark black coat with a white blaze and socks. We've started to grow out his mane which has up until now been kept hogged, and feet are kept clipped because of his allergies.

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