Our Riding School at Deen City Farm has been having an excellent year; coming first over all the Riding School Championships at Dressage and scoring well at the BHS National Riding School Championships earlier in the year to name but a few. This month we’re adding another feather to our cap by becoming the first Riding School to qualify for the British Riding Club’s quadrille finals!

So what exactly is a Quadrille? It’s a choreographed dressage ride, involving at least four riders – set to music and involving a healthy dose of dressing up – and that goes for the horses too, not just the riders.

We’ve been up to Bury Farm Equestrian Village to compete before, but never quite managed to make it through to the final four, but this year all the stops were pulled out! Riley, Tarron, Iggy, Jellybean and their riders were dressed up for a Bollywood-themed performance which managed to catch the judges eye!


One of the most exciting things about the qualification is that our team is the first Riding School to qualify. All the other teams have their own horses, whereas if you’ve been down to the farm before you might have seen these boys hard at work in the riding arena, helping teach clients to ride!

In between their riding lessons they’ll be busy perfecting their performance before the big finale, which will be being held at the All Stars Show Jumping Championships at Bury Farm on the 22nd October. Good luck to everyone involved, human and horse!


You can download our Press Release for “Deen City Farm – first riding school to qualify for BRC’s quadrille final“.


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