About Mellissa

DOB: 2001

Height: 14hh

Breed: Cob type

Colour: Black

Gender: Mare

Mellissa is our newest pony at the Riding School, she came in March 2017 and has settled in wonderfully.

Mellissa enjoys turning her hoofs to any job. She came to us from Ireland as a 16 year old where she mainly hunted (meaning lots of cross country work).  Since being with us she has learnt more about work in the school, show jumping and has now competed in dressage at Hickstead.  She has also earned a place in our successful Quadrille team.

She is a willing horse and loves to work.  On the yard she is kind and easy in every way. As with many cob type ponies, she’s built very solidly and moves with determination! She has a black coat with a big wide blaze all the way down to her nose.

About the Cob

You’ll often see horses and ponies referred too as Cob-types, especially in the UK, and sometimes in America. A Cob is traditionally a horse or pony of a stout build, with strong bones, large joints and a steady disposition. There are quite a number of Cob breeds, but they’ll all generally feature the same build – relatively small and compact, with somewhat short legs.

Cob-type breeds are very popular, especially for activities like Riding for the Disabled, they are generally responsive, but with a calm temperament, shorter stature and steady, comfortable gaits. We have several Cob type ponies; Tarron, Trio, JB and Mellissa.

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