About Ludovic

Height: 14.2hh

Breed: Thoroughbred Cross

Colour: Tri-coloured

Gender: Gelding

Ludo is a pretty skewbald pony who came to us in 2009, he has 3 correct pace and is as honest and kind a horse as you will find.

He loves to jump and takes everything in life in his stride. He is good for all level riders from beginners to advanced as he has good lateral work and always tries hard to please. As well as in lessons, you might see him out helping with pony rides on busy weekends.

Skewbald is a colour pattern made up of white patches on a bay horse (brown coat with black mane and tail), so can also be called tri-coloured. Ludo has always had a bit of a sad looking mane - it's always been a bit lacking, so these days he is now hogged, meaning it's clipped back. It makes him look much smarter!

About the Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred horses are best known for their use in horse racing, though it is sometimes used to refer to any breed of purebred horse, it technically refers to just this particular breed. They're considered "hot-blooded"  horses, known for their agility, speed and spirit, making them perfect for racing. Ludo is a crossbreed, but he takes these good qualities and puts them to practice in the arena!

The breed as it's known today was developed in the 17th and 18th century in England and have since spred across the world. They are a very popular breed, with population numbers well into the millions. Purebred Thoroughbred horses are mainly used for racing, but they can take well to other disciplines, such as show jumping, dressage etc. They are commonly crossbred to create new breeds or improve existing ones - Ludo is one such crossbreed.

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