About Emil (a.k.a. Timmy)

Height:  16hh

Breed:  Kisber

Colour:  Grey

Gender:  Gelding

Emil (Timmy) was born and bred in Hungary and travelled to England to have a career as a stunt horses. When he arrived he was too small for the job and so he came to live here at Deen City Farm where he is plenty big enough.

He is ridden by a variety of riders and is a very straight forward horse. When he came to the farm he had never jumped but he is now loving it and it is probably his favourite thing to do. Timmy was his pet name before coming to the farm, so despite being renamed Emil on arrival, he responds to Timmy!

Though one of the tallest horses on our Riding School, Emil is also the youngest. He's a bit of a fidget, and sometimes his playful mood gets on the nerves of the other older horses, but he tries hard.

As with many horses, though they appear white their coat colour is called grey. This is because it's not truly white - they have dark skin with lighter coats. Grey horses often start with much darker coats, then get lighter as they age.

About the Kisber Felver

The Kisber Felver is a relatively young breed of horse, only developed over the past 100 years. It is a rare sport horse breed founded in Hungary, and though not widely known, is fairly well regarded for it's ability in sport disciplines - the breed has a history with producing especially good racehorses! Hungary suffered greatly during the World Wars, and the Kisber breed was almost destroyed, but is doing better now, though there still aren't that many Kisber horses around.

The breed showcases the traits that you would look for in a sport horse: conformation, athletic ability, movement and temperament.

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