About Riley


Age: 20 something!

Height: 14hh

 Breed: Cob Cross

 Colour: Chestnut

 Gender: Gelding



Riley is a lively chestnut gelding school master who has three correct paces. A school master is an experienced Riding School horse that can be used to train and increase confidence with new and inexperienced riders.

He is good at levels of lesson from beginner to advanced, though some find his trot quite bouncy.

He likes to jump too which makes him good for exam students and leisure riders alike. He is a gentleman, and though we don’t know his exact date of birth, probably the oldest of our horses.


About the Cob

You’ll often see horses and ponies referred too as Cob-types, especially in the UK, and sometimes in America. A Cob is traditionally a horse or pony of a stout build, with strong bones, large joints and a steady disposition. There are quite a number of Cob breeds, but they’ll all generally feature the same build – relatively small and compact, with somewhat short legs.

Cob-type breeds are very popular, especially for activities like Riding for the Disabled, they are generally responsive, but with a calm temperament, shorter stature and steady, comfortable gaits. They come in a variety of colours, Riley is a chestnut, giving him a lovely reddish-brown coat, mane and tail. Chestnut is one of the most common horse coat colours, and can be found in almost every breed of horse. 

Riley the pony is sponsored by…


Kaveh Patrick Zianian

Hotbray Ltd


Sponsoring Riley

Riley – 1 yr sponsorship £30


Sponsoring a horse costs just £30 per year and can make a great gift.

Things your sponsorship could help towards….
1 bale of hay £5.50, 1 Set of horse shoes every 6 weeks £73, 1 bag of horses feed £12

Included in our sponsorship package you will get…

  • Key-ring or Fridge Magnet
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