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The Pigs

At the farm we have two permanent piggy residents. Amelia and her sister Penelope can often be found either in the pig pens at the back of the yard, or rummaging around out in their muddy forage field by the paddocks. Amelia and Penelope were born on 26th April 2014 came to live with us here at the farm in July 2014.

Amelia and Penelope are a breed of pig called Oxford Sandy and Black. They are one of our British rare breeds, there aren’t many around! In fact, they have almost become extinct twice in their history, there are still relatively few around but thanks to the efforts of breeders numbers are slowly climbing. They are a rather pretty type of pig, you can see from their distinctive colours why they get their name from! If they aren’t covered in mud from their wallow, these pigs are a lovely sandy colour with black splotches. They have large floppy ears to help cover their eyes and protect them from the sun. Oxford Sandy and Black pigs (or OSB for short) are also well known for their good temperament, and thanks to the hard work of our staff, our two are no exception.

As of Christmas 2017 they’ve both had two litters of piglets – we don’t have our own boar, so have borrowed one from other farms. 

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Penelope's first litter








As you’ll be able to see should you ever come and visit, we love all our animals at Deen City Farm. Our pigs are no exception, so we ensure that they lead stress free lives with fields to forage in and warm sheltered pens to keep them safe. We interact with them constantly, helping to make them friendly towards people from day one!

We breed our wonderful Pedigree registered pigs, Amelia (Provenance Dandy 71) and Penelope (Provenance Dandy 72), to produce good quality pedigree offspring for registering and selling to help preserve this wonderful rare breed. Having narrowly escaped from the grasp of extinction twice in its history, it is imperative that we do not let what we have left disappear forever!

So far our pigs have produced two pure bred OSB litters in late 2015 and 2016.

As any breeder will know, not all offspring can go on for breeding; you cannot risk introducing unusual genes into breeds, otherwise you are no longer preserving the things that make the breed unique. So as well as pigs for breeding, we also produce high quality pork, bacon and sausages. All our pigs are raised on a top quality, balanced diet promoting lean grown and development, our meat not only offers fantastic taste, but also provides peace of mind as all our pigs have been raised in a compassionate and caring environment regardless of their destination.

Farm produced pork is often available from summer onward.

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