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The Pigs

At the farm we currently have two permanent piggy residents. Snuffles and Truffles are Vietnamese Pot belly pigs. They can often be found either in the pig pens at the back of the yard, or rummaging around out in their muddy forage field by the paddocks.

Snuffles and Truffles came to the farm in May 2019, as Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs they are naturally small and are also an endangered bread, although not as endangered as the Oxford Sandy & Blacks. 

Like most Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, Snuffles and Truffles are completely black with small, pointy up ears - but be nice, they still have great hearing! 

Did you know? Pigs roll in mud to keep themselves cool and they are unable to sweat and are not able to protect their skin from unwanted insect bits or the sun!

As you'll be able to see should you ever come and visit, we love all our animals at Deen City Farm. Our pigs are no exception, so we ensure that they lead stress free lives with fields to forage in and warm sheltered pens to keep them safe. We interact with them constantly, helping to make them friendly towards people from day one!

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