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The Goats

A scratch behind the ears or horns and you'll have a guaranteed friend for life. We have quite a few goats at the farm, and they are all very different characters! Our goats are a selection of breeds, at the moment we've got mostly British Alpine goats, and Pygmy goats.

You might notice that many of our goats don't have horns. The types of goat we keep at the farm do in fact have horns naturally,

 but we opt to get them disbudded when they are young. This is a treatment that the vet does before their horns start to grow, which prevents them from growing. There's a number of reasons you might opt to get goats disbudded - the primary one to us is a matter of health & safety. All of our goats are very friendly and do enjoy getting up close and personal! If they're in a playful mood, the last thing you'd want is a face full of horns! Once the horns have been allowed to grow, you can't retrospectively remove them - they have a rich blood supply and removing them would be very painful to the goat, not to mention they'd only wind up growing back anyway.

Our biggest goat is Jet, an Anglo-Nubian goat, don't let his size put you off, he's the friendliest of the lot! 

Spritz & Blitz

Amongst our herd, you might notice two very playful, friendly and much, much smaller goats! Keep an eye out for our troublesome brother and sister pygmy goat combo - Spritz and Blitz! This adventurous pair were bred at a local small holding and came to us in 2017. Spritz is a castrated male (or whether) with a mostly white face, his sister is Blitz, she has a mostly brown face and is a bit shyer than her brother. 

Pygmy goats are a miniature domestic breed of goat, they're very popular! You might have seen some before at other animal attractions.

Their friendly nature and small size makes them ideal for many places that involve interactions between children and animals. For us, it makes them ideal to take with us to other places - they're small enough that they can happily travel in a large dog cage together. 

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