The Cows

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The Cows

We have three cows at Deen City Farm, they are called Daisy, Fenix and Poppy, and they live together all year round. All three of them are different breeds, so it’s easy to tell them apart! Daisy is a British White – she’s white with black points, Fenix is an Irish Moiled – she’s red with the white stripe down her back and Poppy is a British White x Belted Galloway, she’s one who’s slightly smaller and black with white splotches. All our cows are very friendly (as far as cows go!) and enjoy being hand fed grass nuts.

A common question we get asked is “Do we milk our cows?”. The answer to that is no, in order to be producing milk, the cows need to have a calf. We don’t breed from any of our cows at the moment, so they wouldn’t put any energy into making milk!

Many people also think that cows have four stomachs, which isn’t true. They have one stomach, but it’s a bit more complicated then ours and actually has four different “sections” in it! These are the Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum and the Abomasum. All these different parts help the cows to be very efficient when it comes to breaking down their food!


Fenix & Daisy








Rare Breed CowsRare Breed Cattle

Of the three cattle we keep at Deen City Farm, two of them are recognised as Rare Breeds by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust!

Daisy is our British White, might not be counted as a rare breed for long though, as the breed is regaining popularity and numbers are climbing. Good news for the breed! They are a medium sized, with a characteristic white coat with black points (nose, ears and feet). They were once considered good milkers, but have since been eclipsed by more modern milking breeds, which might be what led to their dropping in popularity.

Fenix is an Irish Moiled, which was at one point in its breed history reduced as low as 30 cows and 2 bulls. The outlook is much brighter for the Irish Moiled, but there are still relatively few around. Fenix is in fact, an excellent example of the breed too! The breed can have any amount of white and red colour, but the ideal is the white line all the way down the back and on the underside.

Poppy is in fact a cross of two rare breeds; the British White and Belted Galloway. Sadly, that doesn’t count for much, but we love her anyway!



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