About Ted


Height: 11.2hh

Breed: Welsh A

Colour: Grey

Gender: Gelding

Ted is a sweet grey gelding school master, meaning he’s very experienced and can help train new riders and give them more confidence with horses and ponies.

He is our smallest pony and is a real gem as he never puts a hoof wrong, definitely one to clone in every size. He has taught many children to ride from beginning to learning to jump as he is a huge confidence giver and much loved.

As with many of the smaller ponies, he’s a very popular little chap, and can often be found helping with the pony rides on weekends or being groomed by our Own A Pony holiday club!

Though Ted is white in colour, his coat is actually referred too as grey. As with many ‘white’ horses, they have dark skin and often start off with much darker coats when they’re younger. As they grow, their coats get lighter until we wind up with the near white colour.

About Welsh A 

Ted (and his friend, Finley) is a Welsh Section A pony. There are four closely related horse breeds coming from Wales, which are primarily defined by their height, they are conveniently known as Section A, B, C and D! Welsh ponies and cobs are known for their good temperament, hardiness and good movement. The Section A ponies are the smallest.

It’s thought that Wales has had native ponies hundreds of years, maybe even as far back as 1600BC. They’ve been around for a long time, and are thought to have evolved from the pre-historic Celtic Pony, so even before the Romans came. Living as semi-feral herds, roaming the mountains and moorlands of wales, Welsh Ponies have turned into a tough, hardy breed!

Throughout their history, Welsh ponies and cobs have been used for all sorts of work, and the modern breeds are still popular for many different disciplines (like showing, jumping and such, as well as just for fun!).

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