Once you have created an account on EC Pro please add riders to the account and fill in the insurance forms that are necessary before you can book.

Once you have done this there will be a red note at the top of your account saying that you have ungraded riders and may not be able to see all lesson options.

Ungraded riders can still see all private/assessment lesson availability. Children aged between 4-7 can also see the lead rein lessons. Just chose “make a booking” go to your preferred date and all appropriate lesson types will be there for you to choose.

If you cannot see any availability, please look much further ahead especially if you are looking at peak times like weekends.

If you still cannot see availability, please check that the rider's D.O.B. is correct or that you are not over the 11st horse weight limit. You would be surprised how many people cannot book as they did not change their DOB from 2022 and the system will not let you book if it thinks you are under 3 years old!

Your first lesson will need to be an assessment lesson on our Riding Simulator, after this your instructor will grade you on the system and all the lessons available to you should then appear when you go to book.

We do not allow riders to share lessons unless both riders are already well established in rising trot and trotting without stirrups independently, without a lead rein.

Own a pony day’s and Pony Rides be booked on our Deen City Farm website.


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